Is Starting over really worth it ?

 Considering everything that a person might go through you have to really consider all evens and all odds were making choices like starting over, Space between two people can be life-changing  or life breaking but not just with relationships with anything a person does starting over can be difficult but the difficulty does not come from the doing it comes from the mental because our brains are so programmed to what it’s used to we find it hard to omit the past and submit to our new future the only way most people continue on the path of starting over is because of pushed circumstances like there is no going back or choices that lead to a brighter future and so the choice of starting over may come just a slight bit more easier or if it’s hard they will have no choice but to keep moving forward until it gets easier

When considering switching careers it’s very crucial on the psyche because of all the time and energy and effort that went into choosing a certain career and turn around in that career and realize that it is not what you expected and it is not what you want granted it’s OK to do these things while you are young but once you are old you have to be confident in your pursuits of passion and careers and lifestyles that you choose and consider them wisely more over the same thing goes for relationships and who you decide to spend the rest of your life with most people make these decisions based off of temporary choices and temporary decisions or they based them off of what the future could look like instead of what the reality actually is and that is where a lot of people run into error don’t wait until 10 years go by when you realize that you 

are in a place that is unsatisfactory and you have to start over the longer you wait the longer it’ll be before you can actually pursue the freedom and the lifestyle that makes your heart feel at peace

The Bible tells us a lot on peace a lot on kindness a lot on love and Jesus said above all laws love your neighbor love is one of the most important factors here on earth and yet one of the hardest concepts for any person scientist you name it to figure out and put into a one basic definition because love is God love was created by God everything was created by God but above all Love is the most important anybody can love but love also comes from how you treat people which brings us to kindness whether it’s in your home it’s a school you feel less then treated kind then it is time for you to step out on faith and move towards a future that says peace for you kindness and love without rules and boundaries and ultimatums and manipulation love is powerful and if it falls into the wrong hands it can be really hard but I’m getting off topic this is about starting over and is it really worth it and I say yes starting over is worth it because if you continue in a path that is makes you unhappy you are only living with regrets on why and how and what would’ve happened if you did step out and start over and if you start over and it is not what you thought it was and you look back and you say man I should have stayed at the job or stayed in that relationship or stayed in that friendship or at the school you have to realize that life is about choices and decisions and you didn’t make the choices and decisions at that time for no reason and everything it’s for a reason everything has a purpose for God‘s plan so even though the future plans are the way you wanted to start over it doesn’t look the way you wanted to that doesn’t mean that it was not best for you all times God will protect you from the things that you don’t even know the things that you don’t even see so you have to be mindful and grateful every day and take every day to consideration because tomorrow is not promised anybody can die but it takes a real person to live so the fullest and the full potential so yes in my opinion starting over it would always be worth it and I hope that if this is something that you’re dealing with that this helps you to understand that no matter what life happens and starting over it will always be better than staying stuck in the position that you are in currently

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